Releasing Eye Strain With The Alexander Technique

Close your eyes for a moment and notice how tense they are. Do your eyelids close easily? Are your eyes darting around behind them, or are they fixed in place?
Place your palms over your eyes for several moments. The contact of your palms and the darkness of having your eyes covered will help them start to recover.
Once your arms start to get tired from being held up against your face, let them rest by your sides.
Allow your eyes to open and expand your gaze all the way out into the periphery of your vision.
Take a few moments to think about allowing your neck to be free. Just think about it, though. Don’t move it around and try to stretch it out.
As you think of your neck being free, allow your head to be poised on the top of your spine. If you are lying down, allow its weight to be supported by the books underneath it.
Allow your whole torso to soften and widen and deepen.
Allow your arms and legs to ease out away from your torso.
Notice the state of your eyes once again. Are they as tight and as gripped as they were? If they are, don’t worry about it. Come back to allowing yourself to be generally softer and freer.

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