“Luke observed my posture closely and gave me three simple exercises that have been absolutely great in easing my lower back pain and expanding my range of motion. Highly recommended.” – Selwyn Gerber, CPA

“Luke is awesome. I gained over an inch in height over the course of my first few months with him.” – Joey Kurtzman, Writer

“Through Alexander sessions with Luke Ford, I am now bringing conscious awareness to my posture and alignment every day. I could describe all the ways this has positively impacted my life but suffice to say they are many! Highly recommend Luke for all people with a skeleton and muscles.” – Sukh Anand Kaur, Yoga Teacher

“Before working with Luke I knew nothing about the Alexander Technique. Luke is not only a skilled practitioner in explaining and demonstrating the processes, but is also a student of the history of how the technique developed. He is engaging and his directions, both verbally and through touch make it easy to implement the teachings. He is patient and good humored throughout. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in improving their bearing or easing the stresses that build up when standing, walking sitting and lifting.” – (Century City Lawyer)

“I recommend a fabulous Alexander Technique teacher, Luke Ford. For those who haven’t done this work… definitely do it!” – Josh Man, Actor

“Luke Ford has taught Alexander Technique to me nearly every week for the past few months, and has always treated me during our sessions with the utmost respect, caring, and professionalism — exactly what I would expect from a healthcare professional.

“Luke introduced me to Alexander methods to deal with my chronic neck and shoulder injury caused by an auto crash years ago. I had never heard of AT before, but through Luke’s patience in teaching to me every step of the way, and answering all of my many questions, I have learned what the Technique is about and how to apply it to my life.” – (Rabbi Rabbs)