Tried Alexander Technique?

* Fashion designer Celia Birtwell says: “The Alexander Technique, which helps with posture and balance. Many years ago, my back was very painful due to poor posture. I was sceptical, but it sorted out my problem after a few months.”

* Elise Eberle: “Her entire body and every movement in it carries the weight of all the horror Mercy has been through. I had the chance to speak with Eberle at the “Salem” press junket last month and ask her how she prepares for such a daunting task put upon her body. She spoke of The Alexander Technique and releasing tension in her body (in a way, she’s releasing her own tension to fill our own bodies with tension). “Being aware of your body is such an important thing,” Eberle said, “It’s important [to understand] where your body is and how you can use it to your advantage. I love physical acting. It’s a pretty perfect role and I’m so blessed to have it.” This girl knows what she’s doing and it is the most stunning thing to watch.”

* NEWS: A MARRIED schoolmaster has insisted he did not grope young boys and was simply using the Alexander Technique to help them relax.

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