Letting Go Of My Beliefs

I have many strong opinions, but I try to go through vast swathes of my life without any conscious beliefs.

According to F.M. Alexander, all beliefs are unnecessary muscle tension. That idea does not have to be 100% true to be interesting and useful. Think about how many strong beliefs you have when you are most relaxed. I suspect very few. Strong beliefs go hand in hand with increased body tension while letting go of beliefs accompanies a letting go of body tension.

I find it fun to walk down the street without any beliefs. I find it fun to go to work and to leave my beliefs at home for a few minutes or a few hours. When I teach Alexander Technique, I try to let go of all my beliefs except the ones in the classical principles of the Technique.

I find that as I live my life, my beliefs tend to weigh me down, so over the past few years, I’ve tried to let go of the ones I don’t need.

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