How To Get An Alexander Technique Teacher To Freak Out — Advocate Teaching By Skype

In the last three years, I’ve noticed that one topic has led to the most heated exchanges in the Alexander Technique world I know — teaching via Skype. That I thought this was OK was a major factor in the loss of several of my relationships with other Alexander teachers. Bringing up this topic might be the very best way in the current climate to put a traditional Alexander teacher into the startle response.

Alexander Technique has traditionally been taught one-on-one, which was largely how I learned it. Some teachers have excelled at teaching the Technique to groups, but this was highly controversial and I’ve heard it led to the most vigorous arguments in the 1970s and perhaps even friendships were lost over it. Few Alexander teachers are as skilled at teaching the Technique to groups as they are to teaching it one-on-one.

Here is an excellent podcast on the topic: “Mark Josefsberg, an Alexander Technique teacher in New York City, talks with Robert Rickover about whether a teacher’s hands are crucial for teaching the Alexander Technique. List of Alexander Technique teachers who use Skype:”

Robert: “I’d have a hard time saying that my private students advance more quickly than my Skype students.”

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