How The Alexander Technique Can Help The Performer

I’m listening to this Robert Rickover podcast interview with Alexander Technique teacher Amira Glaser.

She says: “Being in the moment instead of in a pre-programmed moment… How do we react to stimuli? Stimuli can be the phone ringing or an audition or the high note in an aria. Anything we might have a reaction to.”

Robert: “People in pain will realize it is a task to stand up and to sit down but they probably don’t realize why it is such a task. What are they doing that is creating all these barriers to efficient movement? The Alexander Technique can help you to become aware of the process that you use to get on to your feet.”

“The Alexander Technique is a process of self-discovery. F.M. Alexander discovered that the constrictive patterns that got in the way of his voice preceded his speaking. He’d have an idea to say something and immediately that pattern would come into play. He had to be pro-active with that. He couldn’t wait until the first sound came out of his mouth to intervene. He had to be ahead of the curve.”

Amira: “The Alexander Technique gives you a choice. You can always use the habit.”

“Actors talking about knowing what your neutral is so you can put on a character in 30 seconds. When we’re ruled by our habits, we don’t always have a true neutral. You hear criticisms of actors that you can always tell it’s such and such actor playing a part. By helping to strip away all those conditioned habits, we can help people take on what they want to take on.”

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