Craniosacral Therapy & The Alexander Technique

“Daska Hatton, an Alexander Technique teacher and criniosacral therapist in London, England, talks with Robert Rickover about the connections between the Alexander Technique and Craniosascral Therapy.”

Robert: “The two processes are complimentary.”

“Cranio work is less demanding of a student. You could even fall asleep during a cranio session and it would be OK. You don’t have to present the whole time while most Alexander teachers would prefer you have your eyes open and be present and notice what is going on and even do some simple movement experiments while you are lying down.

“Table work in the Alexander Technique world is just one of several procedures, most of which are more active than lying on a table, while cranio work is all table work.”

“Alexander Technique is about learning to change the way you think about yourself in movement. The goal is always to get the student thinking.”

“Cranio work can get at these subtle, internal twists and turns in your musculature that are so complex that it might take many lifetimes of self-directing to release these on their own. It helps to have another person there to do the thinking for you and release those. Alexander Technique is about consciousness and cranio is about letting someone help you and physical therapy and manipulation is about having someone whack you into a new relationship.”

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