The Emotional Need To Tighten

When my life is not as I wish, I feel an overwhelming need to grip or grind my teeth and to create other forms of body tension.

I often feel so frustrated and angry with my life. Usually I feel morally compelled to not lash out at others (unless they remind me of certain folks), so instead I just tense and compress myself.

I often wonder about the stories behind my students’ body tension patterns. I am somewhat aware of some of my own.

I have no psychological training (but have been a patient in psycho-therapy for about six years).

I am terribly curious about exploring this with my students who want this exploration. I might gingerly ask if there’s a story behind a particular type of tension. What do you fear coming up if you were to release this tension? How does this tension serve you? Do you notice under what circumstances this tension arises?

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