The Alexander Technique and Efficient Breathing

“Robert Rickover talks with Dr. John H. M. Austin, MD, Professor Emeritus of Radiology at the Columbia University Medical Center and internationally known chest radiologist about a study he conducted with the late Pearl Ausubel, an Alexander Technique teacher in New York City, which showed that lessons in the Alexander Technique improve breathing capacity.”

John: “Alexander lessons are wonderful for improving posture…and increasing the length of muscles throughout the torso. Because Alexander encourages the inhibition of the slouching and slumping, it lengthens these muscles. Longer muscles work better, whether you are throwing a baseball or breathing. Longer muscles can generate more strength. It’s purely mechanical.”

“With Alexander lessons, the muscles of the abdomen become unlazy. You use them rather than just slouching. If you use them, you will have increased strength.”

“Some people come in with tight muscles in the chest. With Alexander lessons, the muscle tension is reduced and you get increased function from those muscles. Think of the chest muscles as a corset. Tight muscles restrict movement. With Alexander lessons, you reduce the corset effect. The military posture is not good for breathing.”

“If you free muscles from unnecessary tension so that they’re longer and more effective, you’re going to have enhanced coordination of the whole musculo-skeletal system.”

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