Spanx – Slimming Smoothing Underwear

The Los Angeles Times says: “Spanx inventor Sara Blakely is now a billionaire at 41 years old, making her the youngest woman on the latest Forbes magazine billionaires list to amass that much wealth on her own. Blakely, the creator and owner of the line of women’s slimming, smoothing undergarments called Spanx, is the youngest self-made woman to make Forbes list – meaning she didn’t inherit or marry into the money.”

Spanx is shapewear. You just put it on and it smooths out your appearance.

Alexander Technique lessons tend to do the same thing. They can take unsightly rolls of fat and more evenly distribute the blubber so you don’t walk around scaring small children.

Unnecessary body tension and compression is rarely attractive. By contrast, when you take up your full space in the world, when you assume your full height and width, you’re much more likely to move elegantly.

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