How to Achieve & Maintain Good Posture: Shoulder Squeeze Exercise to Promote Good Posture

According to ExpertVillage: How to do a shoulder squeeze exercise, which will help you maintain proper posture; learn more about the importance of proper posture in this free personal health video.

Expert: Dr. Erik Sorbo
Bio: Dr. Erik Sorbo attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, with honors.

In my view, the more you do the exercise Dr. Sorbo prescribes, the worse you’ll feel and the more degraded your posture will become.

Squeezing your shoulders back will narrow your torso, restrict your breathing, and deepen habits of unnecessary tension (the primary cause of bad posture). Aside from that, it’s wonderful.

This exercise is called “Upper Cross Mirror Exercise to Promote Proper Posture”.

It’s likely to feel lousy and to increase pressure on your spine by deforming your head, neck, back relationship. When your head is balanced on top of your spine, it exerts much less pull on the spine than when it is pushed forward or back.

None of these exercises are going to do anything to help you to become aware of your habits of needless compression that are causing you pain and poor posture.

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