Can You Teach Anything To Your Spouse?

Most Alexander Technique teachers can’t teach family members. They can’t teach their spouse. They can’t teach the kids. There’s too much emotional baggage.

But some can. Why? What enables some teachers to teach their lover? What makes some relationships open to this kind of learning?

In what things, are you open to learning from your spouse?

I’ve had a lot of girlfriends. Many of them have been open to learning from me in some things and many of them have not.

The ones who aren’t open to learning from me invariably have contempt for me (and for any man in their life).

If you’re not open to learning from your spouse, I can’t imagine that you’re in a good relationship.

PS. Here’s where I link to my working with some bloke from my training and then I go on about how my spouse is open to my instruction because we have such a great relationship.

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