Alexander Tips

Leland Vall says: “A common habit in walking is to push the hip forward first as a way to almost whip the leg forward from the hip joint. Try leaving your hip behind as you let your knee swing forward on its own. This will allow you to remain taller, increase your movement efficiency, and you will look and feel stronger.”

How to lean back in a chair:

Lots of people ask about reclining or leaning back in a chair or couch. I think it helps to know the difference between your waist and hip joints, and to continue pointing your spine.

Collapsing in a chair or couch may seem comfortable, but it restricts breathing and causes stiffness. Proper sitting, even reclining as shown, is a lively activity that is part of the continuum of how we move and do things. More liveliness means less stiffness.

The lunge is a way of reaching or bending that uses one leg to support most of your weight. To lunge, point your spine and bend at the ankle, knee and hip. Push the ground away to come back to standing. Avoid bending at the waist.

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