The Top 5 Breathing Myths for Singers…Debunked!

Peter Jacobson writes:

Reality: It is anatomically impossible to breath into your belly! While many teachers offer this instruction as a metaphor to avoid shallow breathing or shoulder raising, students often take it literally which creates a downward pull in the torso and puts unnecessary pressure on the spine and entire vocal mechanism.

Solution: Update your breathing with an anatomically-accurate map based on your natural design.

MYTH #2: In order to sing, you must deliberately ‘take’ a breath

Reality: Deliberately ‘taking’ a breath creates excess tension and rigidity by interfering with the natural elasticity of your torso. You function most efficiently when you ‘allow’ or ‘let’ for a breath. Have you ever noticed how, at the end of a phrase, the air rushes back into your lungs naturally without effort? That’s because the breathing process starts with an exhale. The inhale will happen effortlessly if you ‘let’ it.