Does Alexander Technique Promote Secure Attachment?

Here are the traits of mindfulness: “Acting with awareness, being nonjudgmental, having emotional equilibrium (“nonreactivity”), labeling and describing with words the internal world, and self-observation… Mindfulness meditation promotes our nine middle prefrontal functions: bodily regulation, attunement, emotional balance, fear modulation, flexibility of response, insight, empathy, morality and intuition.”

I suspect Alexander Technique, a form of mindfulness most often practiced in the western world, promotes secure attachment.

We all respond to the turbulence of life in one of three patterns — anger, sadness or fear. Angry people turn their frustration on to others, sad people become obsessed with rejection and abandonment (me!), and fearful people become obsessed with their fears. We can’t completely lose our patterns but we can lighten them through therapy and Alexander Technique and other modalities and we can find new possibilities.